For many years, our company has been manufacturing and decorating sheet glass as a design element for both private and public spaces.
Our Sales Department will gladly provide you with any advice you may need for making your choice and with a preliminary quotation with no purchasing obligation for you.
The only details we need are the approximate dimensions of the wall or walls that you wish to cover with glass panels.
You only need to send us a scanned picture – a hand drawing of the shape of the surface to cover with all dimensions, including the number of electricity outlets etc.
Areas we cover to measure and install your glass panels?


Within these towns, measuring and installation is FREE!

Coloured Glass

Barevné skloDo you like elegance accentuated by a pure and simple look? If so, our Coloured Glass wall panels are just the thing to bring you total satisfaction.
Just choose from our standard range, which now features 17 colour shades – from subtle, earthy tones to the boldest hues. You can also hand pick that special shade you like from the RAL, NCS or PANTONE colour palettes. Colour palettes are available for viewing or loan at all paint shops.

Decorated Glass

Dekorované skloIf you prefer traditional styles and objects that will rid your home
of that extremely sterile look, bring colour to the most ordinary day and add beauty – then you’re the customer our Decorated Glass range was meant for.
Just choose from our 11 patterns and project them onto your apartment. You can match patterns with colours to perfectly suit your living space and inspire you every day.

Photo Prints on Glass

FotoskloA photo or an intriguing piece of graphic art – Is this the only thing missing from your apartment? Do you always say you lack the right place to display it properly? What if you could choose a photo
or a graphic design from the www.shutterstock.com or cz.123rf.com database, have this transferred onto a glass panel for your kitchen
in our workshop, and then have this glass panel stuck over your old kitchen tiles – the ones whose joints you you’ve been trying to clean for years, and which still don’t look brand new?


Simplicity, elegance… you’ve seen it all before, but now you’re looking for that something extra?
Anything is possible – just pick your product. Glitter glass may be just what you’re after.
It will bring light to the darkest corners of your apartment; if installed in an area already adequately lit, it will give
the space an attractive, lively glow.

Glass Worktops

Skleněná pracovní deskaYou can’t get more original than this: take the plunge and choose
a glass worktop for your kitchen counter. Many people are still getting used to glass surfaces in their homes. But they have clearly already found a place there.
Glass is easy to maintain and non-porous: qualities that will
be appreciated by anyone with allergies.
There’s only one thing a glass worktop can’t do: it won’t clean itself for you.